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Security of business activities

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Under the services involving a broad-based evaluation of risks, including audits of business safety rules for subjects and institutions operating inside the economic circulation, we submit our clients to using counseling covering the range of means and methods minimizing the risk of any incidents occurring, that would improve business and legal safety.

The complex offer includes:

  • The analysis of previous incidents increasing the business risk of activities being taken up by the subject and defining the reasons of such incidents occurring
  • The overview of critical business processes in respect of substantive support minimizing the risk in the legal-business activities of the subject
  • The assessment of the procedures being used by the subject in the area of cooperation with external subjects and compiling a recommendation for the changes in the internal procedures and rules valid in that field
  • The identification of risks in the personal and informative safety system functioning in the subject
  • Specialist training in the field of methods for minimizing the occurrence of incidents increasing the business and legal risks of the subject
  • The assessment of a complex program for business and legal safety of the subject

Few companies have the possibility to dispose of long-term experiences gathered in institutions dealing with recognizing and disclosing abnormalities in the functioning of economical subjects. For that reason, reviewing the business procedures and safety rules may constitute a valuable source of information for enterprises especially interested in data protection.