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Project management

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To administer projects is to plan and control a number of activities aiming to achieve business targets by realizing a project within an established timeframe and budget.

The ability to administer a project is an art of achieving its targets – it requires practical knowledge, developing interpersonal skills, flexibility in operation as well as the capability of putting theoretical knowledge into practical solutions, and minimizing the risks related to the realization of a project.

Under administering projects we offer:

  • Administering the changes preparing an enterprise to perform in an atmosphere of accepting new solutions (research concerning the attitude towards changes, localizing potential sources of resistance and monitoring the frame of mind of the employees)
  • Cooperating with the administration of projects by analyzing the resources required for its realization (financial and nonfinancial), preparing the necessary documentation (project charts, time schedules, monitoring systems, etc.) and indicating an optimal asset structure of the target enterprise
  • Supporting the administration of project risks, identifying the risks, evaluating the probability of the occurring of such and preparing a plan for introducing activities reducing those risks
  • Know-how concerning the management of processes, especially the changes in processes resulting from modifying the strategies which, in consequence, force organizational transformations in an enterprise
  • Introducing changes involving modifying organizational structures, transforming the degree and type of formalization (procedures, processes), defining the competences and range of tasks of individual organizational cells