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Companies’ reorganization

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The restructuring of companies constitute one of the fields in which the Euro Infor Office has many years of experience. We have completed processes in which instances of junctioning, division, transformation and liquidation of enterprises occurred. Moreover, we have at our disposal the essential knowledge for the processes of selling shares, selling enterprises or organized parts of enterprises with the use of joint-venture subjects.

The Office offers counseling in the following fields:

  • Legal and tax analysis of an enterprise (due diligence)
  • Selecting a method of consolidation for enterprises, settlements for the transfer of shares, the whole enterprise or its organized part
  • The process of liqiudation of a subject
  • The assessment of projects for changes in the functioning of a company
  • Negotiating between the sides of a transaction interested in the further fate of the enterprise
  • Changes in assets and the structure of ownership in a commercial company
  • Employment restructuring
  • Reorganizing the competences of individual job positions
  • Cases concerning the management of changes in the subject due to the activity in a new business environment