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Business development in Poland

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For the foreign Clients, the Office has prepared a number of services allowing the development of the business in Poland. To prepare a company for a proper functioning in the Polish market, we offer following services:

  • Determining the mission, targets and strategies in respect to rationalizing the field of activity, increasing income, the development obtaining competitive advantages
  • Preparing essential documents required by the Polish law, also the ones concerning obtaining financing while in debt
  • Design of an efficient organizational structure and its matching to the current market terms in a given branch
  • Managing rules in all fields of functioning (building a strategy for marketing, sales and customer service, the assessment and counseling in respect to the management of finances, planning the acquisition of branch subjects, etc.)
  • Substantive support for projects in regards to increasing sales
  • Creating the image, and other marketing activities supporting the positive appearance of the partner company interested in investments in Poland

In each of the above cases, the advisers and experts cooperate closely with the authorities of the company. The contribution of the advisers in implementing the project supports the work of the board of directors and allows to successfully realize the program. The Directorship of the client company gets the support at all stages of the project.