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Acquiring finance

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A lack of assets for further development is often a barrier impossible to overpass for many enterprises. With regards to that, the Euro Infor Economic Chamber offers services heading toward obtaining resources for the development of the company. It is worth noting that the choice of an appropriate form of financing can draw certain consequences, including:

  • The change in the value of the assets
  • The change in the level of investment risk

In order to obtain an optimal financing structure, we offer the following services:

  • Help with choosing an appropriate form of financing
  • Gaining financing under IPO transactions involving the stock market
  • Project finance – gaining finances for investment projects
  • Gaining debt finances from finance institutions
  • Gaining grants from the EU under possible development financing programs

Finally, we offer our clients the possibility of monitoring the development of the company and periodically analyzing the coefficient solvency in order not to lead to a situation of over-investment in the enterprise.